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Core and Ab Building Workout

August 27, 2019



Leg lifts x 20


Toe Touches x 20


Hollow Body Rock x 20


Mason Twist x 20


Reverse Crunches x 20


Side Crunches x 20 each side


Flutter Kicks x 20


Heel Touches x 20 each side


Sit-ups x 20


Heels to the heavens x 20


            This workout will ask a lot of your stabilizing muscles and your abs. Do your best to complete each exercise to completion before taking any rest. This workout is designed to be done in 15 minutes or less so you have a little over a minute for each exercise. This minimizes downtime, challenges your muscles, and gets a little bit of cardiovascular work in as well. Every exercise is done for 20 repetitions.


Leg lifts:

            Start by laying on your back. Put your hands by your butt and clench your abs. Lift your legs up so that you create a 90 degree angle with your body. Fight to keep your legs as straight as possible. Slowly lower them back to the ground and gently tap the floor with your heels before engaging your abs to start the next rep.