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Are GMOs Good or Bad?

September 24, 2019


            First, let’s start off with what a GMO actually is. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. This can be anything from potatoes to a mouse. For something to be considered genetically modified, there has to be some level of genetic engineering that alters the genotype of an organism. The most common way to do this is with crops using selective breeding or with work in a lab. Often, they’ll create strains of corn or wheat that are more drought resistant, better at fending off insects, or tthat have higher yields. However, there are stringent restrictions on how things are allowed to be modified and there is a premium placed on the safety of consuming any GMOs so that there aren't any adverse health effects to humans or animals.


            So let’s get down to it. When you see that little sticker on your produce, should you be worried? Are there any health risks? What about the impact having GMOs may have on the environment?