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Feast Your Eyes on Our Delicious List of Products and Services

No yo-yo dieting and no boring food. We help you make a lifestyle change around your eating habits that tastes great and fits your budget. We have  expertise in plant-based diets. 

We get it! Life can be crazy hard sometimes. We work with you to develop healthy coping and habit building to elevate consciousness and increase healthy lifestyle. 

 Movement defines life and within itself a fountain of youth. We make fitness a personalized testament to your transformation.  

MOOR OUT OF LIFE specializes in presenting;  educating; researching; and designing, monitoring, evaluating concepts; projects; and programming for marginalized populations. 


"You can never be your best self if you don't know who you are."


-Lisa Anakwenze

MOOR OUT OF LIFE provides wellness services on the individual and community level that account for culture, socioeconomic status, available community resources, and policy. We approach wellness from a mind, body, soul perspective that empowers people to attain their health goals. 


We are rooted in building self-awareness and self-efficacy in order to break down the largest barriers to health around the globe. We are here to partner with you for your success. We meet our clients where they are in their needs and provide educational tools and products to help them attain their goals. Our approach involves integrating physical health, psychology, spirituality, history, culture, and policy. We offer personally tailored nutrition, fitness, wellness, natural products, and public health services. To learn more about our mission and vision click on the buttons below. 




Call or Text: 929-324-0334




600 W Manchester Ave, #4, Los Angeles, CA 90044



(In-person or online) Monday - Friday 9:00 - 6:00

(online only) Saturday-Sunday 9:00 - 10:00


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