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 Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer?


We offer nutrition, fitness, holistic wellness, natural skin/hair products, men and women's apparel, and public health consulting services.  




What does MOOR mean?


The Moorish ethnic group is from northern Africa and they are known for aiding in advancing the world in technology, science, and hygiene. They represent an identity and a state of being to us, in which we choose to empower people of all colors, genders, and socioeconomic levels to do the best with what they have in order to achieve greatness.




What is your phone number?


929 324 0334.




What is your Location?


600 w Manchester Ave, Suite #4, Los Angeles, CA 90044.




How long does an order take to be ready for pick up?


2-5 days, we will send a confirmation for pick up day and time.




Where are the services held?


Most services are offered online, over the phone, and in person. In person services are offered at our location in Los Angeles or in the client’s community. Distances outside of that area can be accommodated, however, travel fees will be added to the bill. 




Do you accept walk-ins?


Sessions are by appointment only.




Will I have my own consultant?


When you choose an individual service you are assigned your own MOOR Superhero to assist you towards your health/wellness goal. 




Do you have a free session?


10 minute free consultations available.





Do you offer payment plans?


Yes, you can customize payment plans after you have finished your free consultation. 



Why is my service a different price than what is on the website?


Each service is tailored to the individual. After you complete the free consultation the complexity of your situation, your expectations, and the required resources are used to create a specific plan and price for you.




Do you offer bundle deals?


Yes, we have several bundle deals for products, services, and both combined. Contact us for more information on this. 




How much is shipping?


Shipping $7.25 flat rate. Store pickup is free.







Do you offer refunds?


Refunds are offered for products if we are notified within 48 hours. Services that are completed are nonrefundable. 




Are you hiring?


Yes, we are always looking for exceptional talent, click here for more details. 







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