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Changing The World With a Smile

Have you ever considered changing the world with a smile? Have you ever considered the possibility that you as an individual could make any impact on the outcome of the world or the lives of others? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the craziness of the world and wished it could be a "better" place? If, so have you ever actually stepped up to the challenge and put effort towards improving more than just your personal life? What would the would look like if 10% more people attempted that, not 100% not even 50% but 10%. They say 1% controls the wealth so I wonder what impact 10% could have on 90%. 

A smile is a universal gesture that transcends language, culture, race, age, gender,...etc. It has the potential validate someone's presence in an environment by letting them know they are acknowledged and welcomed. It can communicate respect for a fellow human being. It may be the only positive interaction received by someone all day. Depending on where you live exchanging a smile and a greeting with a stranger are considered normal ways of life. Challenge yourself for 30 days to "Spread MOOR Love" through positive encounters with your community members. Share your stories of positive transformations. 

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