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Oh! The STRENGTH of African Women

MOOR UNLIMITED LLC has been working with Anambra State Association Worldwide, a nonprofit organization that provides annual free medical/education missions in Anambra State, Nigeria, since 2015. Each year, MOOR UNLIMITED LLC looks to improve the quality of research, outreach, and tangible health deliverables. The last mission took place in December 2016. A baby was born on the last day of the medical mission and thousands of people were seen in towns across Anambra State. Many of the towns we visit have bare-walled abandoned hospitals that are no longer in use. These missions bring life back to these centers as we treat thousands of patients a day, most of which can not currently afford to receive consistent quality medical care locally. We were able to donate walkers and wheelchairs to some of the most courageous women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. For example, one woman hopped on one leg from home to the mission site, another was a diabetic edema amputation survivor, and some were riddled with disability due to congenital deformities and arthritic conditions. We place the value of life at the forefront of all service, research, and intentions. In both 2015 and 2016, MOOR UNLIMITED LLC presented data on prevalence in disease in the local community; trends in disease of medical mission participants; and ways to take control of your health through culturally relevant personal interventions focused on nutrition, environmental health, exercise, personal care product use, personal hygiene, mental health, and sanitation.

There is a need for more research.

There is a need for education.

There is a need for action.

We are calling all professionals, researchers, and general volunteers interested in community building to join our efforts in Anambra State to establish community-led health education and wellness initiatives both through donations and team building.

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